Although Computer Literacy has improved drastically with increased accessibility to laptops and desktops made available by Cyber Cafes, it still remains high among majority of the populace.

Women especially can be at a higher risk of being computer illiterates or with a less than average knowledge of using computers due to their preoccupation with domestic responsibilities or limited access to computers or laptops.

It is based on this reality that Women of Essence Foundation offers yet again the opportunity for women to gain and improve their computer literacy skills with the second stream of the 2 day subsidised Computer Appreciation Course.

This course will provide participants with vital theoretical and practical information on computer parts and accessories, word processing, spreadsheet, the World Wide Web and its uses. It will be of great personal and professional benefit to participants, aiding their pursuit and fulfilment of purpose.

The Course takes place on 28th and 29th October 2015, 9am daily. Call 08023131381 or 08170937332 for details on registration and venue.



The International Day of the Girl Child, 11th October is a day observed the world over every year to draw attention to the welfare of girls and raise awareness on the challenges of discrimination, abuse and inequality they face.

A lot of issues confront the girl child in the world today, some of them are specific to regions while some of them are global concerns.

We must all however address all issues of sexual violence, harmful traditional practices, child marriage, lack of access to formal, informal and vocational education and training, child trafficking and poverty among others.

The theme for the year 2015 International Day of the Girl Child is ‘The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030.’ The significance of this year’s observance is that girls born at the same time the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) was implemented in the year 2000 are adolescents and girls born this year will be adolescents in year 2030. This crucial fact is worthy of consideration as the world measures its achievement of the MDG’s and makes future plans to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

This year, the Women of Essence Foundation will observe the International Day of the Girl Child in Ondo State with a one day seminar on Friday 13th November 2015 hosted by Hallmark Secondary School, Ondo, Ondo State. It will  also be attended by other prestigious schools in Ondo State.

The seminar will feature presentations by speakers on the theme of the year, valuable contributions to issues discussed and a question and answer session with questions drawn from presentations made.