Sights and sounds of Women of Essence Foundation International Women’s Day conference. Held on Tuesday March 8th 2016.

Highlights of the Keynote address by Pastor (Mrs.) Adebola Atoyebi,- President, Chosen Vessel Empowerment Foundation

THEME- ‘DISCOVERY…Unearthing the treasure within’.

  • To ‘discover’ means to find out something that is hidden; and to ‘unearth’ means to dig up, bring out of obscurity, to uncover, to reveal, to bring to light, to detect, discovery.
  • Treasures are things of value and worth, that are within you and that need to be unearthed.
  • Can you believe that inside every child born there are about 100 billion brain cells with each one being capable of sprouting an additional 20, depending on how well we use them?God has placed inside everyone a treasure. The fact that you are beautifully and wonderfully created by your Maker confirms this.
  • Just as it is hard work to dig out treasures, in life you will also go through a lot of vigorous processes to unearth the treasures within you.
  • There are so many women whose treasures are still being covered up.Your potentials, abilities, capabilities as a person are some of your treasures.
  • No matter what the experiences of life, unpleasant circumstances, abuse of all forms (physical, verbal) that have beaten you down, these have not diminish your value, and the treasures inside you.
  • Therefore let go of the past, dig deep and put your past behind you.
    Unearth the new chapter of your life so you can be the person God has called you to be.

Highlights on Talk 1 – “Unearthing the treasures in Marriage”
by Pastor (Mrs) Ruth Essein – (President, Women After Revival Ministry)

  • Marriage is the greatest institution. It is an honorable estate instituted by God Himself.
  • You need to understand marriage to be able to stand in marriage and to enjoy a standing ovation.
  • Marriage signifies the mercies of God towards the unsaved. You must be willing to give out mercy and forgiveness every time in marriage. Marriage edits
  • There are lots of treasures stored up in marriage. Therefore, if you want to enjoy these treasures, you must get ready to labour over your marriage. You need to be ready to work because marriage strives by work and not by words; by choice and not by chance.
  • To enjoy the treasures in marriage there is a need to take it back to where it was instituted. Return back to Eden, for that is where the first marriage was instituted by God Himself.
  • To unearth the treasures in marriage, you must also understand that you are first an individual. Until your life makes sense as an individual, your marriage cannot make sense.
  • Do not go into marriage empty. Discover who you are first, and your uniqueness as a person.
  • Finally to unearth the treasures in marriage, you need the help of a third person in the place of the Holy Spirit, a matured mentor, a mother whose marriage worked, books and CDs on marriages.

Highlights of Talk 2 – “Unearthing Your Treasured Possessions” by Mrs Omokorede Fasoro (Founder and Coordinator, Women of Essence Foundation)

  • “Inside every human being there are treasures to unlock” – Mike Huckabee
  • Treasures are valuable, precious and are hidden.
  • They are formed through painful experiences. This is why you need to pass that test you are going through.
  • As a woman, you have been created by God to stretch and handle stress gracefully.
  • Everyone has a unique combination of treasures. You need to find out what is in your own treasure box.
  • You unearth your treasures through a process of self discovery
  • Some of these treasures are… your passions, your talents and your abilities.
  • Therefore,to succeed in life, it is wise to build a career or to start a business around your treasures or and what you are wired to do.
  • Remember the story of Olajumoke..former bread seller turned top model, she displayed her wares with style and class and caught the attention of TY Bello. Therefore, keep displaying your treasures and putting them to use with confidence. You never know… Your TY Bello might just be around the corner!
  • Above all, keep your focus on God.

Highlights on Talk 3 – “Unearthing The Treasures For Business Success” – by Mrs Ayodeji Megbope (CEO, No Left Over Nig. Ltd)

  • If you want to go into business, be passionate about what you want to go in for. Know what your passion is.
  • Be mindful of people you share your dreams with. Share your dreams with only those who believe in you
  • You need something in the interim while waiting on God. Do something, waiting does not mean you should be idle.
  • There is a voice that speaks. You must learn to hear that voice – the voice of God.
  • Your family is your first point of call when you start a business.
  • What brings business success is high turnover. Do not eat with all your fingers. Device a method to discipline yourself in your finances, learn to save
  • The road to the top starts from the bottom. Humble yourself because in the place of humility there is a lifting. There is dignity in labour. It is in the place of humility that dignity comes
  • Consistency is the key to the game. Do not be moved by your moods. Keep standing
  • Life is in seasons. The year of fatness and year of leanness. Seasons change. Be aware of the next season and prepare for it.
  • Failure is essential to innovation. That which you think is a disappointment is God’s platform to take you higher.
  • Never be afraid of the next level. What will take you to your next level is just around you.
  • Learn to celebrate your ‘show’. In celebrating your ‘show’ the baby will come. Never take any ‘show’ for granted.

Highlights on Talk 4 – “Unearthing The Treasures Within Through Prayers” – by Pastor Bola Adefarasin (Founder, Hephzibah House of Prayer)

  • There is a treasure on the inside of you. Just as it was on the inside of Esther. It was not until she went to the place of prayer coupled with fasting that it came out.
  • There is a queen in you and prayer will bring it out.
  • The place of prayer is a place of manifestation. You get transfigured in the place of prayer and those things on the inside of you will begin to manifest.
  • What is on the inside of you will be tested but from the place of prayer you will come out and you will be announced
  • No matter what you have being through, or going through your value cannot change. You are unique, peculiar and your value is great
  • This is the season and dispensation of women
  • A woman is a man with a womb, and the purpose is to birth and to bring forth. The place of birthing is the place of prayer.
  • The third man in the person of the Holy Spirit teaches and guides on all things at the place of prayer. He reveals the mind of God – the deep things of God. It reveals the free the free things that are given which are treasures on the inside of you. Things you do not know you have. Things you felt you cannot do but that you can do.
  • 2016 is a year of “Redeeming with Love”. 20 means Redemption and 16 mean Love. God is redeeming us with love.

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