BIBLE TEXT: John 11: 33-44

Introduction:  To the glory of God, today marks the 6th edition of our Women’s Bible Study. We thank God for the great things He taught us at the first 5 editions and amazing things that happened when women come together to share the Word of God and also of their life experiences. We have been looking at the lives of Mary & Martha- two sisters who were very different in their approaches to Jesus.  In our first Bible lesson we saw that the Lord Jesus Christ and His compassionate and loving nature, and how sensitive He is to the needs of others. We also saw that He is more concerned about our personal relationship with Him, rather than our activities for Him. This was why He chastised Martha for being “worried and troubled about many things” and commended Martha for “choosing the good part” by seating at His feet to listen and learn as He taught the Word of God. In lesson two, we looked at another passage which gave us another look into of Mary’s heart and her passion for her saviour. In Mark 14:3-9 we read about how despite the presence of a lot of people in the room, she approached the Lord with a very precious item- (her alabaster box). She then broke the box/bottle, and anointed His head with the fragrant oil in it. Yet again, Mary chose the good part by giving Him her most precious item as a Jewish lady. She then received another commendation from the Lord when He said that “…she has done a good work for Me…and …wherever this gospel is preached in the whole world, what this woman has done will also be told as a memorial to her” (vs6&9)

In the 4th edition, we looked at the subject of Choices as it relates to our lives and how this affects us as women. Choices are a part of our lives and they also affect us daily. The reality however, is that there are consequences for every choice we make and every decision we take in life. We looked at some Scriptural examples, such as the wrong choice made by Adam and Eve which attracted curses (Gen 3:1-6, 16). We also saw the consequences of Lot’s choice when he lost everything he had (Gen 19:24-30). On a positive note, we looked at the life of Ruth and the blessings of her choosing to stay with her mother in law. (Ruth 4:13-22). At our last meeting, we studied the reaction of Mary and Martha in times of storm – how they handle the death of their brother Lazarus. Also we looked at how we usually react as women under pressure. At our last meeting, we looked at the reactions of the two sisters (Mary and Martha) in times of assurance of the resurrection. We learnt about waiting and trusting in the Lord

Today, we shall take another step further to look at Mary, Martha and the reaction of our Lord Jesus. This time, we shall look at their reactions in times of assurance of the resurrection. May the Lord by His Spirit speak to us today in Jesus name. As usual, we encourage you be to be real, practical and down to earth as we share together.

  • Why do you think that Jesus was deeply moved by Mary’s grief and the anguish of those with her (v. 28-38)? What truth can we learn from this verse? Isa 63:9 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • The criticism of verse 37 is characteristic of the most common criticism leveled against God. We tend to say that in light of the pain experienced in this world, God either does not care about our suffering or can’t do anything about it. How does this story answer that criticism? (Please share some life experiences) Ps 103:19, 115:3, Isa 46:10, 53:3


  • What was Martha reaction in verse 39-40, what can we learn from this as children of God?( Heb 11:6, James 2:14, Jh 20:25) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
  • In verses 41, what lessons can we learn from Christ reaction? As women what should be our reaction in times of storm (Jh 17:1, Rm 4:20, Ps 2:8)


In conclusion: We return all glory to God for the ideas, knowledge, revelations and experiences we have shared at this meeting. Please bear in mind that it is not just hearing the Word that matters, but being a doer of what is received. Therefore, we encourage you to take a stand for Jesus no matter how challenging the situation might seem now. Remember that He loves you and will eventually turn everything around for His glory in Jesus Name.

We look forward to having you next month – Wed. Nov 2nd. Time 10am -12 noon.

 Please come with a friend! God bless.

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