Vision: To have a society where every woman walks in the fullness of what God has destined for her.

Mission: The Women of essence foundation is a faith based NGO that exists to promote activities aimed at helping women unleash their hidden potentials by empowering them with resources that will help them discover, pursue and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives so that they can make positive impact on their families and the society at large.

1.To work for the uplifting of the self esteem, identity and status of women in the society.
2.To develop policies, procedures and strategies that will enlighten and empower women on their God given potentials and capabilities.
3.To organize and conduct seminars, capacity building workshops, training programmes and conferences that will promote the personal development and economic empowerment of women and that will also educate the public on issues concerning women.
4.To establish resource centers of learning and development, and skills acquisition for women.
5.To publish newsletters, magazines, books, journals etc that will document and educate on issues affecting women and that will promote the achievements and works of women.
6.To work against any type of practice or custom that demeans, victimizes and lowers the self esteem and dignity of women.
7.To provide counseling, mentoring and support for women.
8.To promote continuous research work on women issues.
9.To maintain relationships with government agencies, organizations and companies with similar aims and objectives within and outside Nigeria.
10.To publicize, promote and encourage the activities of the foundation.

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