Personal Development Programme.

  • Personal Self Discovery training
  • In Pursuit of Purpose training- ‘Start Your business’ or ‘Build your career’
  • Fulfilling Purpose training
  • Goal Setting training
  • Gifted Hands (Skills Acquisition Training)
  • Computer Appreciation Course
  • Life Management training
  • Home Management training
  • Entrepreneurship and Skills acquisition training

Mentorship Programme

The Women of Essence Mentorship Programme is an initiative designed to help women discover, pursue and fulfil God’s purpose for their lives through the guardianship and knowledgeable of established women in their respective fields. The programme creates an avenue for mentees to get seasoned advice from the wealth of experience of women already successful in three key areas of career, entrepreneurship and social service.

Annual International Women’s Day Conference

The International Women’s Day is celebrated the world over on March 8th of every year. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the achievement of women, advancement in women’s rights and empowerment as well as to build collaborative efforts to create a better world for women.

To participate in this annual global event, the Women of Essence Foundation holds an annual International Women’s Day Conference where women are empowered to become change agents in the society.

Humanitarian Community Development Initiative

The Women of Essence Foundation conducts outreaches to schools, religious bodies, communities and organisations dedicated to women empowerment.

Spiritual Development Programme

The Women of Essence Foundation is a faith based organisation that encourages the spiritual growth and development of women. As a result of this, quarterly Bible studies and prayer meetings are held  during the year.


  1. I just got to know about this foundation please are the training for free or there is need to pay especially the mentoring programme

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