Business Planning Workshop for Women

African Business Woman


Statistics have shown that one of the major reasons businesses fail is lack of proper planning and knowledge about vital aspects of business management and administration.

Women of Essence Foundation dedicated to empowering women to flourish has a vital role to play to significantly reduce business failure among women by creating this unique avenue for female entrepreneurs to gain knowledge and skills to make their businesses successful and sustainable, thereby making them flourish in their businesses and finances.

At the Business Planning Workshop, participants will be informed on pricing, marketing, promotion of products and services and other crucial topics.  They will also participate in group discussions, presentations and develop business plans.

The workshop holds from 18th to 20th August 2015, 9am daily. To get more information, call 08170937332 or 08181505202.

Computer Appreciation Course for Women.

Women and IT

Although Computer Literacy has improved drastically with increased accessibility to laptops and desktops made available by Cyber Cafes, it still remains high among majority of the populace.

Women especially can be at a higher risk of being computer illiterates or with a less than average knowledge of using computers due to their preoccupation with domestic responsibilities or limited access to computers or laptops. 

It is based on this reality that Women of Essence Foundation offers yet again the opportunity for women to gain and improve their computer literacy skills with the second stream of the 2 day subsidised Computer Appreciation Course. 

This course will provide participants with vital theoretical and practical information on computer parts and accessories, word processing, spreadsheet, the World Wide Web and its uses. It will be of great personal and professional benefit to participants, aiding their pursuit and fulfilment of purpose.

The Course takes place on 29th and 30th June 2015, 9am daily. Call 08023131381 or 08170937332 for details on booking and venue.

Build Your Career Seminar for Women


Build your Career Seminar for Women.
Build your Career Seminar for Women.

Another opportunity to acquire employability and career advancement skills is here!

The Build Your Career Seminar comes up on 10th and 11th June 2015 for employed women, job seeking women and women who own businesses.

Exciting and enlightening information on CV Writing, Interviews, Networking, Career Planning, Work-Life Balance and more will be gained from this one of a kind seminar.

Attend, Invite or Sponsor a woman who needs this empowerment! Together we can build women who have successful careers and fulfilling lives!

Contact us on 08123131381 or 08170937332 for enquiries.




We are excited to announce the next stream of the Personal Discovery Seminar coming up from 19th to 21st May 2015.

This seminar will help participants strengthen their focus on achieving their purpose in life. Vital topics such as Personal Mission and Vision, Goal Setting and Personality Types among others will be explored.

At the end of this 3 day seminar, participants will have a significant understanding of themselves and be able to successfully channel their potentials towards living a productive life.

Final PD handbill May 2015Find details in the handbill below


Imagine a nation filled with women living their lives on purpose, women who have been empowered to make positive impacts on their generation, women who are pursuing all these with a passion, at the same time that are also excellent wives and amazing mothers! What a beautiful nation that would be!

Is it a wonder therefore, that the Millenium Development goals (MDGs) has Women empowerment as one of its key points. In essence, a nation cannot really claim to be wealthy, until its women have been empowered!